Friday, 23 March 2007

1000 Lumen LEDs

Osram have developed an 'up to' 1000 lumen LED called Ostar. This is brighter than an 50W halogen lamp and is more efficient than both halogens and incandescents producing 75lm per watt. Check out the Ostar Site, and the press release at Siemans.

Glowing Pillow

If you thought that the Shower Head with inbuilt LED lighting was unique, check out this one.
It's called the REi Huggable™ and it's warm white LEDs covered in silicon rubber with a layer of polyester satin over the top.
To get the complete design concept for the huggable, click here.
And all for less than US$100! Cheaper than a dog or cat :-)

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Out there addition to LED house

If you need something 'out there' to put in your LED walled house, give this LED shower a go.

LED Lighting making a difference to the developing world

It's great to see advancement of technology benefiting the poor as well as the rich, and this organisation seems to be using LED lighting to make a difference in a whole lot of areas. The Light Up The World site is worth a good browse and a donation wouldn't go astray either :-)

A LED house is the way to go!

Walls that let the daylight in by day and are illuminated by LED lighting at night - Illumawall

Never too many LED tubes

I guess this proves that you can never have too many LED tubes in your boutique design... Georg Jensen Boutique

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Analog RGB LED controller

Also, found on instructables, this analog RGB LED controller - simple, but a bit of fun nevertheless...
instructables : RGB Color Controllable High Power LED Room & Spot Lighting